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In order to protect and to preserve confidentiality, and in consideration of the SELLER providing BUYER confidential information on this business for sale, I/we understand and agree:

Buyer will not disclose, for a period of two years from the date I/we sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement, any information regarding this business to any other person who has not also signed this Agreement, except to secure the advice and recommendations of business advisors (accountants, attorneys, etc.). “Information” as used in this Agreement shall include the fact that the business is for sale, plus any other data provided.

BUYER will receive confidential information about the SELLER’S business, operations, and clients, and agrees not to start a business similar to the Seller and not to solicit or contact Seller’s clients for a period of two years from the date herein.

BUYER also agrees to indemnify and hold SELLER and its agents harmless from any claims or damages which may occur from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided to BUYER with respect to the business disclosed or purchased.

I/we acknowledge that I/we have received a copy of this Non-Disclosure Agreement and that I/we have read this Agreement carefully and fully understand it.

I hereby understand and agree to the Non-Disclosure Terms outlined herein.