Steps to Take After a Chimney Fire

Chimneys can develop large cracks and missing bricks. Small cracks can be sealed with caulk to prevent further damage. Significant gaps, however, require professional repair and replacement. Tree damage and poor drainage can also cause damage to chimneys. Fire can also destroy the interior of your home. If a chimney fire occurs, call a professional to inspect the damage and determine the best course of action. Listed here at are steps to take after a chimney fire.chimney repair

Re-mortaring your chimney can cost between $150 and $500. If the problem is caught early, homeowners can expect to pay much less. However, if the damage is extensive, the cost can climb significantly. Re-mortaring your chimney requires re-applying mortar that has crumbled over time. The new mortar re-enforces the chimney’s structure and provides a protective barrier against moisture. Chimney repair specialists can repair crumbling sections of artillery and reinforce it with new material.

If water has gathered around the base of your fireplace, you may need chimney repair. Look for signs of excess moisture such as white staining, rusted firebox and damper, and water stains on walls surrounding your chimney. In addition, damaged mortar joints may indicate the chimney is deteriorating quickly, resulting in accelerated damage. Ultimately, you may need to replace your chimney to keep your home safe. If your chimney is showing any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional.

A cracked chimney can cause significant structural damage if not repaired properly. In such cases, a chimney may need to be completely rebuilt, or it may need to be re-pointed. This process requires professional chimney sweeps to inspect the chimney’s structural integrity. You can perform a partial rebuild on your chimney if the damage is small, but if it is large, you should consider a complete rebuild. For large cracks and other serious damage, a roofline-up rebuild will be necessary.

A proper inspection is essential before a chimney repair expert can determine the best course of action. After inspection, they will determine the exact nature of the problem. They may decide to re-mortar your chimney or recommend other services. Chimney repair services may cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the type of repair you need. Once a chimney repair has been performed, you will have peace of mind. When you call a professional to come check your chimney, make sure to explain the problem as clearly as possible.

Metal chimney repairs can cost between $200 and $1,200. Compared to brick chimneys, metal chimneys are durable and sturdy. Metal chimneys are often popular with homeowners because they don’t have the brick-and-mortar problems of wooden chimneys. Metal chimneys, however, can still have problems, including cracks and the smoke chamber. A metal chimney repair may be an excellent choice if you’d like to protect your home from smoke.

Roofing contractors often specialize in chimney repair. In fact, improper installation of flashing, a major cause of chimney leaks, can be repaired by a skilled roofing professional. A roofer skilled in chimney repair can remove the roofing material around the chimney, replace it with new flashing and counter-flashing, and repair or replace your home’s roof. You should also make sure that the chimney repair professional is able to get access to the entire chimney, which may require access to the roof itself.

Another type of chimney repair is repointing. While a chimney repair may not require extensive work, repointing involves replacing cracked brickwork and mortar joints to prevent further damage to the structure of the chimney. This repair may require additional work, including repairing tiles and painting the external layer. Depending on the extent of damage, tuckpointing can cost between $500 and $2,500. While repointing and tuckpointing are two very different methods, both are crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your chimney.

In addition to repairing cracked bricks, chimney caps are another vital part of a chimney. Broken caps can let water and animals into the chimney. They also prevent sparks from escaping the chimney and causing damage to the rooftop. While the chimney cap is not always a necessary part of chimney repair, it is an essential element of a functioning chimney. If it is damaged, you must have it repaired by a professional to protect your home from the risk of fire and property damage.

Chimney flashing repair is another cost-effective chimney repair option. Depending on the size and type of chimney, flashing repairs can range from $150 to $425. Flashing replacement, on the other hand, may require a more extensive installation. It can cost up to $1450. The cost depends on the type of chimney and roof. Repairs can range from 30 minutes to two hours. You can also contact a chimney repair specialist to perform the repairs.