Wood Fence Repair

Wood fence repair is a common task that is not difficult. The materials used in this fencing are usually durable and cost anywhere from $6 to $12 per linear foot. However, you can avoid most problems by doing some basic checks. Fencing Companies can provide a simple maintenance plan to maintain the look and quality of your wooden fence. You can also clean your wood fence with a pressure washer or a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for wood.


Cedar fences are the most popular and inexpensive option for fencing. This type of wood is favored for its warm tones and distinctive grain pattern. These features make it a popular choice for all types of properties. To prolong the life of your wood fence, you should seal it regularly. This type of wood is naturally resistant to rot and will require less maintenance than other types of wood. In addition, you can replace damaged boards that have become loose.

The best way to check the condition of your wood fence is to inspect each piece. You should pay particular attention to the posts and look for rot or insect damage signs. Next, you should inspect the pickets for cracks and discoloration. If you notice that any of them are cracked or rotten, you should repair them as soon as possible. It may be a simple matter of nipping and tucking in some pieces of the wood.

If your wooden fence has rotten panels, you may want to consider staining it. This will protect your fence from water damage and will help prevent further decay. The stain will seal off the pores that allow moisture to penetrate the wood. It will be easier to wipe off if necessary, but it will also keep the water from penetrating the wood and causing premature decay. After treating your wood fence, you should make sure it is sealed with a protective coating.

The cost of wood fence repair varies greatly from region to region. It’s important to note that it’s important to hire professionals who have experience in this type of repair. Your area may have a higher or lower cost than others. It’s advisable to hire a professional who has experience in this field. A skilled fencer will charge a reasonable amount. However, the cost will vary widely, so check the requirements of your local area before hiring a contractor.

Besides staining, you can also consider repairing damaged wooden fence parts. The main component of a fence is its posts. They are essential for supporting the panels. If they are not sturdy, they might break or move. When this happens, you need to repair the posts. A repair may also include replacing the posts. The cost of replacing a gate depends on the type of damage. Its replacement will depend on the type of wood.

A basic repair can be done yourself. You can replace boards or add extra support to a post. If a board has split or has been damaged, you can use putty to fill it. If the damaged area is large enough, a fence professional can fix the entire structure. Then, you can continue to repair other parts. A professional can also install gates and replace entire fences. While it can be intimidating to complete the project on your own, it will save you time and money.

One of the most common wood fence repairs is replacing the entire post. The posts are the main support for the fence panels. Depending on the type of wood, they may break, bend, or move. Regardless of the reason for the damage, you must replace them as quickly as possible. If your wooden fence is rotten or damaged, you need to replace the whole post. Fortunately, you can do this yourself by cleaning it with a pressure washer and then applying a coat of stain.

Whether you need to replace a board or re-stain your fence, a wood fence repair job will keep it looking great for many years. Aside from the aesthetics of a wood fence, it will also last for many years. With proper maintenance and care, your wood fence will last for many years. The following tips will help you keep your wooden fence looking new. While wood fence repair is the most common type of repair, there are other types as well.